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Unisex Adjustable Swim Fin Foot Flipper Swimming Training Accessory Swimming Foot Flipper Diving Feet Tail

Unisex Adjustable Swim Fin Foot Flipper Swimming Training Accessory Swimming Foot Flipper Diving Feet Tail

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100% new design and high quality
1. The mermaid fins are made of high-quality material, very comfortable, and durable.
2. Quick-release foot strap can adjustable.
3. Special quick-release design that your feet can quickly and safely out of the fins.
4. Build leg strength and increase your confidence in the water.
5. Can easily propel and glides through the water just like a mermaid or merman.

Product style: mermaid fins/fins
Size: Boys and girls-American size (men 1-6, women 2-7), that is, domestic size 24-37
Material: PP+TPE
Product features and introduction:
1. Help children increase self-confidence in the water
Through interesting shapes, children's swimming and water sports courses become interesting and they are more willing to get close to the water.
2. Quick to put on and take off design
The quick putting on and taking off design makes the product safer when used in water.
3. Help train the strength of the leg muscles
When a child uses this product to practice the rhythm and balance of the fish body and legs, it also virtually strengthens the strength of the leg muscles.
4. Footbag design with super soft material
The soft material makes the child more comfortable when wearing it, and the use of soft material foot straps makes the heel foot straps more comfortable to wear and provides greater elasticity for boys with shoe sizes 1-6 and girls with shoe sizes 2-7.
5. It is ideal for primary school children or children under 18 years of age.
Special Note: Because of the attractiveness of the product to children and the excellent effect of swimming improvement, in order to prevent children from swimming too far or swimming to deep water when using this product, the use of this product must be

Package Content:
1x Mermaid fins

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