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Resistance Bands Set | muscle training and fat burning

Resistance Bands Set | muscle training and fat burning

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Take training to a new level with this Resistance Bands Set. It includes three different resistance levels: 100, 150, and 200lbs, giving you the ability to customize workouts. Attach the bands to the handles and door anchor for comprehensive workouts. Get toned and fit with this comprehensive set. Features:【Ideal Home Workout Equipment】- Need something portable, versatile, affordable, and safer than dumbbells? Sick of gym closures? This set was designed with input from fitness experts for the latest in resistance bands. Upgraded bands are made with high-density nylon webbing, increasing elasticity and durability for safe, reliable use.【Suitable for All Fitness Levels】- The set contains five bands in different colors and resistance levels (20-60lbs), up to 150lbs in any combination. Perfect for beginners or experienced athletes, it helps with squats, push-ups, leg raises, planks, and tricep strengthening for muscle training and fat burning.


About this item:

【Perfect Home Workout Equipment】- The designed the latest resistance bands set after market research and communication with fitness experts. Upgraded resistance bands high-density nylon webbing make it more elastic and durable, safe and reliable, can effectively guarantee your full workout goes perfectly!!
【Suitable for All Levels of Fitness】- The resistance bands set come with 5 different resistance levels: 20lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs 50lbs, and 60lbs in 5 different colors. You can use the bands independently or in any combination with a maximum resistance level of 200lbs. Can meet a variety of exercise needs by combining with different resistance level.
【Effective Creating Ideal Body】- Our resistance band set is the perfect equipment for muscle training and fat burning. Not only practicing squats, push-ups, leg raises, planks, and strengthening triceps are very effective, but also helps you to increase coordination, stamina, and flexibility. The ankle straps can better strengthen the leg muscles. For women who want to stay in shape, it can also help train the hips, shape the perfect chest and abdominal muscles, and show a charming body curve.
【Amazing for Physical Therapy】- The resistance bands set is not only for muscle building and body shaping, it also get an amazing effect in physical therapy. Due to the resistance bands training are extremely effective at muscle strength, mobility and motor function, and reduce joint pain.

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