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Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

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    • Frame Material: TR-90 (incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight).
    • Frame Color: Homogeneous colours and multi-colored design options available.
    • Lenses Material: Polycarbonate (shatter-proof and provides 100% UV protection).
    • Sport Type: Cycling, Jogging, Mountain Climbing, and any sport that takes place on or near water, such as fishing or sailing.

    There are quite a number of challenges with going out for whatever activity on a sunny day. There’s the scorching sun burning your skin to consider unless you are covered in sunscreen; but more disturbing, there’s the constant blindness from the sun reflecting off of surfaces everywhere you look. A popular precautionary measure is to wear sunglasses; but what many people do not know is that though the darkness helps, it doesn’t do a good job eliminating the glare or the effects thereof. With the Polarized Sports And Cycling Goggles, however, your worries with the sun’s glare and all its dangers will be permanently put to rest.

    Sunlight comes down in a vertical wavelength. As a result, when it bounces off anything that’s flat or shiny, like snow, a body of water, a car, or even ordinary white paper, the result is the blinding glare that we all so passionately hate. Apart from the fact that that intense light can cause some temporary damage to the eyes, like you seeing halos or outrightly losing vision for a few seconds, damages caused by glare can pretty much become permanent. And if we are being honest, nobody wants to ever say, “I used to see.” So believe it or not, one of the best ways you can show love to your eyes is by getting a pair of Polarized Sports And Cycling Goggles.

    Interesting Features

    • Curved Sides: Unlike most regular sunglasses, these polarized goggles curve to the side. That way, the sides of your eyes are not left without protection. Also, the wind will not be much of a problem, especially if you are going at a high speed.
    • Swap Between Lenses: The Polarized Sports And Cycling Goggles gives you the option to swap lenses at will. So, you’re not stuck on one goggle and can switch to something different if the need arises; especially because every lens color has an excitingly different function.
    • UVA and UVB Protection: The sun’s UV radiation is capable of damaging not only the skin of your eyelid but also the lens, cornea, as well as other parts of the eye. Need I say more?

    What You Get

    You have two options to choose from: 1 Lens or 5 Lenses,

    If You Pick 1 Lens You Get:

    • 1 lens (red, blue or green lenses).
    • A Glasses Case.
    • Glasses Cloth.
    • 1 Glasses Bag.

    If You Pick 5 Lenses You Get:

    • 5 lenses (red, blue or green lenses).
    • Night Vision Yellow Film.
    • Mercury Lens.
    • Gray Polarizer.
    • Glasses Bag.
    • HD Transparent Film.
    • Glasses Case.
    • Myopia Frame.
    • Glasses Cloth.
    • HD Transparent Film.

    Polarized Sports And Cycling Goggles Lenses Function

    • Blue Lens: Well suited for varying or changing light conditions especially for off-road riding.
    • Green Lens: Not optimal for most riding conditions.
    • Pink/Red Lens: Great for light and bright conditions for both road and off-road riding. Nicely ehnances definition.
    • Orange Lens: Good all-rounder. Provides good definition in low-light conditions.
    • Grey Lens: Best for bright cycling conditions. Less definition and adaptability for low-light conditions.
    • Clear Lenses: Best for night time riding or low-light conditions

    How To Swap Lenses

    • Pull on both sides (horizontal) of the frame to release the lens.
    • Take out lens and set aside.
    • Fix the new lens nose-side first and then adjust on either side.
    • Now go and conquer the world!


Brand Name: kapvoe
Certification: CE
Origin: CN(Origin)
Lenses Optical Attribute: UV400+ photochromic + polarized lenses
Lens Height: 55mm
Model Number: cycling glasses
Frame Color: MULTI
Lens Width: 136mm
Item Type: Eyewear
Lenses Material: Polycarbonate
Gender: Unisex
Frame Material: TR-90
Sport Type: Cycling

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